40’s N Flicks: Nas’ Timbs, Organ Donors, and Conspiracy Theories…

November 2, 2017

PLUS...Rob and I give our opinions on films that we believe should have been much more popular than they actually were.


Flat out hilarious episode that crosses a variety of topics.  Did Nas' sell out too late?  Should you be an organ donor?  And should you ever let anyone at a store know your toilet paper preference?

We answer all of these things and more in today's episode!  We really don't, but we sure as hell laugh about it!


40’s N Flicks: Super Black Pimpin’

September 28, 2017

Rob and I discuss our ideal writing/acting gigs.  In a rare moment, I actually publically acknowledge that the Jordan shoe actually exists, and we cover why Denzel Washington's 'Fences' can only be watched while accompanied with a basket of puppies.  Check it out!  Super dope episode right here!


40’s N Flicks: ‘Sleight’ Movie Review

September 12, 2017

The guys were actually really excited for this film!  Rob was upset that he missed it in theaters and Maurice was stoked about the diverse cast.  The excitement ends there though...and pretty quickly at that.  The duo hammer this film like no other.  This might be the most raucous, hilarious episode yet!  Be sure to download it!


40’s N Flicks: ‘24X36: A Movie About Movie Posters’ Review

August 30, 2017

Billy joins us for another informative episode where we actually sit down and review '24X36: A Movie About Movie Posters'!  Having come fresh off the director call with, Kevin Burke, Billy and I were eager to discuss the film at length.  Coupled with our enthusiasm for the content, Billy's experience, and the film, this really is a great podcast episode.  Check it out!

You can rent/buy 24X36 on all major VOD platforms.  We highly suggest it!


40’s N Flicks: Director Interview ‘24×36: A Movie About Movie Posters’ - Kevin Burke

August 16, 2017

Billy and I snag a very sweet phone interview with the director of this indie, film festival darling.  24x36 is one half history, one half passion project, all entertaining.  Check out this podcast episode, Burke's insightful words, and then rent it on any of your favorite VOD platforms.


Thanks go out to Billy for putting us in contact with the right people, Kevin Burke for giving us his time, and his team for making this happen.  A really great episode.  I'm very proud of this one.

Take a listen...


40’s N Flicks: Producer, Writer, Designer, VH1 Historian - Billy Ingram

August 8, 2017

Rob is out acting.  Or committing some crimes.  We're not really sure.  His answer was really vague.  Needless to say, the show must go on!  We have a special co-host for this episode:  Billy Ingram.  We talk about a ton of things including the 80's LA scene. Eddie Murphy and his affinity for suits.  And lots of other fun stuff.  Check it out!


40’s N Flicks: ‘Baby Driver’ Movie Review

July 30, 2017

Ugh!  Rob and Maurice sit down to review Baby Driver!  And it's NOT pretty.  The guys barely wanted to publish this episode, but as law abiding African American men, they want to keep the American (and global) public away from harm.  They also give their suggestion on a film you can see in its place.  Check it out...


Mini-Sode 3: Ric Flair, Rob, and The American Dream

July 30, 2017

Rob gives listeners additional tidbits on career success as well as recounts his experience with working alongside The Nature Boy (Woo!) Ric Flair...


Mini-Sode 2: #FakeNews Artwork & The Art of The Deal When Dealing With Your Career

July 23, 2017

Maurice receives some small focus group (1 person) feedback on the podcast artwork.  Really powerful insights here.  We also ask Rob to be our career counselor in regards to acting.  You'll be making millions before you know it.  You most definitely won't be making millions before you know that.  That's #FakeNews.


Mini-Sode 1: Daily Movie Set Essentials from Rob

July 19, 2017

In this very special mini episode of 40's N Flicks, Rob shows you how to get the production to buy you new Timberlands and why you should always keep your distance from actors and actresses.  Good stuff.  Solid life advice.